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February 26, 2010

Fuck Canada Pt. 2: You Can Pay For School, But You Can't Buy Class

Last week we ran a story about the USA Mens Hockey team winning it's first game against Canada in 50 years. It was in a non-medal prelimenary game, but when you upset the best team in the Olympics you deserve some credit. Today the USA plays Finland & Canada plays Slovakia in the semi-final games, setting up a possible gold medal game rematch if the USA and Canada can win this weekend. But last night, Canada gave us just another reason to hate our little sibilings from The Great White North. It happened on the ice, but it was the womens hockey teams from Canada that has everybody here in the USA mad as hell.
Last night was the gold medal game between USA and Canada, and it was a defense struggle. After two first period goals from 18 year old wunderkind Marie Philip Poulin, both the USA and Canada tightened up defensively and  the game finish with that same score, 2-0 in favor of Canada. The Canadians accepted their gold medals graciously. Then they left the ice to celebrate in their locker room. About 30 minutes later they were asked to return to the ice for photos... and thats where the bad behavior started.

The Canadian women returned to the ice wearing their gold medals around their necks, but they were also carrying booze and tobacco. Yup, on the ice... at the Fucking Olympics. This is not some celebratory champagne done all classy to toast the team. They were swigging Molson outta cans, pounding magnums of champagne like a Lil Wayne video, and puffing on cigars while acting crazy... sliding all over the ice and being rediculous.

 Now, I'm all for celebration... but COME ON!!! This is the Olympics for fucks sake. Swigging beer on the ice wearing your gold medal??? Thats just trashy. The worst part about the whole thing is that they were supposed to win. Granted, the USA is a quality opponent and the rest of the Women's Hockey field sucked. But Canada was the overwhelming favorite going in to the Olympics. Then you have Team Canada's star, Poulin, who is only 18.

While the legal drinking age in her hometown of Alberta is 18, in Vancouver it is 19. So you have trashy canadian ice hockey players doing their best fat-guy-at-a-poker-game imitations, sucking down cans of beer and puffing cigars... and they are doing it with a underage player. Great job.... so much for Olympic pride and sportsmanship. Now I really hope the USA gets to play Canada in the Men's Gold Medal Final this weekend, and I hope they kick their ass again. Canada may have invented the sport of hockey, but they need a few lessons on etiquette after victory. Lets go USA!!!! Kick those Cannucks right in the sack.... Get that gold medal!!!

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