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February 26, 2010

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Is The Funniest Man In The NFL (And Maybe The World)

I am a huge sports fan... if the game involves a ball, I usually love it. Football is one of my favorite. Although there are plenty of football players that regular people recognize, most average "non-fans" don't know what they look like because they always are on the field with helmets on. Chad Johnson is a very personable guy, and he is also extremely talented. So after he began to make a name for himself in the NFL as a star reciever, he became discouraged by the fact that nobody recognized him off the field. So he divised a plan to make EVERYONE notice him. He began to celebrate his touchdowns, but he did not go with the average ball spike and high 5 that most guys use. He went out there... way out there. He began a career of making himself a spectacle everytime he scored, and not only that he made himself a spectacle... he was fucking hilarious in doing it. I just watched him on Mike n Mike over at ESPN, and his interview was great. His interviews are always great. Sure, most people think he is a pompous asshole who talks way to much crap, but that is not the case. Chad is just all about having fun. He knows that he is lucky, one of the .0001% of all people that play football in their lives to make it to the NFL. He has been rewarded with millions of dollars and fame. So he plans on enjoying it, and thats what he does. He has never been in trouble with the law, never had incidences of drug or alcohol violations, and even his celebrations never really rub it in to his competitors. He has fun... WTF is so wrong with that??? Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, has fined Chad 100's of times (see the pic above)... but he does not care about fines. They go to charity, so he feels like its all for a good cause. So he keeps acting like only he can, then cuts the check after he is done. Below is a clip of some of his celebrations throughout his career. It's set to Kayne West's "Stronger" and gives you just how funny Ochocinco can be. My favorite is when he breaks into a full on Riverdance after scoring a touchdown. But thats not the best part... he actually studied Irish folkdancing for 3 weeks before he busted his moves out during a game!!! If your gonna do something, do it right. Enjoy the clip and remember: You Gotta Have Fun At What You Do!!!!!

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