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January 30, 2010

Shake Weight??? More Like The....

I was eating breakfast with Taaa and Mikey yesterday and was watching the E network. All of the sudden this info-mercial came on the screen. Now, so far this story seems pretty regular. But then the commercial picked up speed. I looked up at Taaa and saw her eyes bugging out of her head as she stared at the screen. I instantly whipped around to this:

Is this chick really jacking this weight off right into her mouth???? WTF!!! Thank god my son had his back to the TV, cause I almost died... I covered my mouth to not spit out my coffee. Taa and I watched the rest of this commercial hysterical laughing... all I could think about was sharing this with you guys. Here is the Youtube video of the whole commercial. Can not believe they filmed these ladies jacking this weight off... did they think nobody would notice this. My favorite part is when the lady is aiming the weights at her chest, looking like she cant wait for the weight to cover her in gym jizz... This is one product ad that should have been thought out a bit more... Enjoy!

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  1. More exercises for people that don't really want to exercise. Like the "Ab Belt" that electrically stimulates muscles in your abs. LAME!!! Get off the couch you lazy bastards. This commercial reminds me of an episode of "The League" on FX called "The Bounce Test". If you haven't heard about "The League", crawl out from what ever rock you've been living under and check it on or FX on Demand if your cable provider offers it.