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January 28, 2010

Bill Gates Getting It In @ Sundance: WTF?!?

I was going to write this story yesterday, but I chose not to. I figured how bad could it be. Bill Gates danced at a club, wow... stop the presses. But then I read yesterdays NY Post and saw the pictures... and I was dumbfounded. Here is one of the world richest men dancing on table at a nightclub @ Sundance with a bunch of chicks!!! Sick... it was probably like Elaine dancing with Jerry in that club that night.

But the worst was the double high five he gave his female companions. That must have scored mad cool points with the ladies. They were probably hanging out with A Billi because he is such a cool guy, not because his BILLIONS OF DOLLARS... Uggghhh!!!

It was also said that Gates was trying to meet/ stalking the life of Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame. He wanted to meet her because she is playing Joan Jett in her new movie The Runaways.., or was it cause he wants to steal her and keep her in his real person doll house he has at his compound??? He was rolling around town trying to find his Bella and probably creeping out folks all over along the way. Get back to the office, Mr. Gates. Leave our moody, teenage angst filled actresses alone...



  1. I like what youre doin here. Because im the kinda guy who offers writing advice unsolicited because of my massive ego when it comes to my own writing ability im gonna say I would have dropped the section pointing out why the girls were hanging w/ bill gates and just rocked w/ the kristen stewart section. that was funny and original. Youre off to a good start, youre either gonna have to give me a guest slot or two every once in awhile or im gonna restart my blog and jack all your page views.;) keep up the good work my dude.

  2. Kudos to Master Gates. Computer nerds need a night out once in a while too. And as for stalking Kristen Stewart; one word of advice Bill. Everyone has their price!!! Love the blog my man, keep it coming. Johnny Bench called.

  3. If I was a computer nerd billionaire I'd be dancin in the club every night. I'd be doin wack shit like given girls double high fives, right before I took all 3 of them back to my room... why? BECAUSE I COULD! Bill Gates doesn't have to conform to anyone's conventions of what's cool and what's not, because he's Bill fucking Gates. He can buy and sell you. YES, YOU!