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January 28, 2010

Azaz Ansari Is In Everything... Thankfully So

If you don't know who Azaz Ansari is, you must not be watching films lately. This guy appears to be in every movie. He was in last years popular Funny People with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, and in I Love You Man with Jason Segal and Paul Rudd. You may also know him from Human Giant sketch comedy fame. Often playing small parts (for now) he steals the show with his dry delivery. But teh other night I happened to catch his standup on Comedy Central, and I was on the floor crying my eyes out. He is hialrious. Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening aired last week and is a must see. It is avalable for purchase on DVD as of 1/19. You will love this guys, I promise. Here is the Amazon link for it:

You can catch Aziz on Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler on NBC and in the sequel to Forgetting Sara Marshall, Get Him To the Greek starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Enjoy!!!

Aziz on Kimmel:


  1. He's a scene stealer in Parks & Rec that's for sure. You know who else is? Danny Pudi (aka Abed) on NBC's Community. Thumbs up to Middle Eastern funny guys!

  2. MTV failed miserably when the canceled Human Giant. One of the best sketch comedy shows in years. Big shout to Aziz.