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April 24, 2019

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #51 - Cap's Sleeper Saga

Captain America’s number one Nazi foe returns in this arc of his 1968 Marvel Comic! With the return of Red Skull comes to awakening of THE FOURTH SLEEPER... and the world is doomed!

Tommy & Mike D. are joined by Joey Armao (“The Clitigator”) to discuss this action-packed yarn! Good fun...

As usual big shout outs to our super producer Rob Martin for making the podcast sound unbelievable and getting the show post week in and week out!!! Also thanks to our good friend Joey Armao for joining us once again and litigating that clit! 

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Episode Info;

Episode #51 - Cap's Sleeper Saga


Mike D and Tommy Lombardozzi


Joey "The Clitigator" Armao

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