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March 7, 2019

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #46 - Skrulls! Skrulls! Skrulls!

Kurt Russell or Jeff Bridges? Quentin Tarantino’s giant head. Nunchucks to the testicles. These are some of the tangents we go on in an episode dedicated to the SKRULLS, the Marvel Comics’ alien race now appearing in the latest MCU film installment, ‘Captain Marvel’!

Mike D & TL are joined by one of the Jacked Kirby Krew, Big Al Accettura, for the fun-filled 46th episode of the program where we discuss the creation and history of the shapeshifting aliens... and much more! 

As usual big shout outs to our super producer Rob Martin for making the podcast sound unbelievable and getting the show post week in and week out!!! Thanks to our guest Al Accetura for always making the podcast better with his presence!  

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Episode Info;

Episode #46  - Skrulls! Skrulls! Skrulls!


Mike D and Tommy Lombardozzi


Al Accettura

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  1. I could not find the download icon on this post. I'm saving the episodes to listen offline when I can't listen through Castbox app. Congrats for this Great show!