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December 18, 2018

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #39 - Stan Lee, R.I.P.

Stan Lee passed away on November 12th, 2018. In this episode of the show, Tommy & Mike D. are joined by Jacked Kirby co-producer and technical whiz ROB MARTIN (of Cultural Compulsive Disorder. www.CCD.NYC) to discuss the legacy... and controversies... of this iconoclast who co-created with The King some of pop-culture’s/comicdom’s most beloved characters. Excelsior! 

*Stick around after OUR show for a bonus; WBAI’s Earthwatch radio show appearance of Jack Kirby on his 70th birthday (August 28th, 1987), wherein he gets a surprise phone call from Stan “The Man” Lee

As usual big shout outs to our super producer Rob Martin for making the podcast sound unbelievable and getting the show post week in and week out!!!! And thanks for joining us here on the show!!!!

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Episode Info;

Episode #39: Stan Lee, R.I.P.


Mike D and Tommy Lombardozzi


Rob Martin

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