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January 4, 2018

The Jack Kirby Podcast: Episode #13 - 5 Things.... #1

On this installment of The Jacked Kirby Podcast, hosts Mike D & TL introduce a new feature called "5 Things", We will talk about five random things they each love (or hate) regarding The King's work... and Tommy attempts a German accent! Plus there is an awesome Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Superman clip to start the show from the heavily inspired Justice League cartoon as well as a great "Song of the Week" that ties into our 5 Things theme (listen to the end to find out what it is!!!).

Here is the embedded player for all you guys and gals who don't use ITunes:


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Episode Info;

Episode #13 - 5 Things.... #1


Mike D and Tommy Lombardozzi

Outro Song:

'Five Minutes to Live' (1961) by Johnny Cash

Kirby Konnections:

Imagine IF: Jack Kirby drew a Star Wars Comic

Etrigan vs Gargoyle - Courtesy of It's The Little Things Blog
The Tech of Orion's Astro Sled and the low tech dress of the regulars
Swords vs Laser Guns... on Dog Back? WTF JACK... is this the Future or the Past... or both?
Adventure Comics #1 - The Green Arrows of the World (Read it here)

Just some archers eating dinner... nothing to see here
Kirby Eyes - Cap

Kirby Eyes - Thing, Magneto, Doom

Kirby Eyes - Some chick.... lol
The worst Jack Cover in history? FF #39 What is wrong with Daredevil's anatomy? 
Jack drew this DD and then you want me to believe he drew the one above? Nah.... 
Issue #5 of Mister Miracle... Big Barda got dem hips!!!!

Beautiful Dreamer... full figured and lovely!

These chicks aint hot like Barda... Mad Harriet!!!
Torgo's Introductory Panel - FF #91

The Arena of death- Torgo vs Thing

Torgo smacks the Thing

Master Blaster from Mad Max looks a lot like Torgo
A fun read by Charles Hatfield on Kirby Hands

Kirby Hands - Silver Surfer edition

Cover of Evanier's Kirby! King of Comics book ft the Hulk's Mitts

Mandarin Hands

Cap and DD with some haymaker hands!
Jack Kirby Shazam - Pencils

Our post on instagram about Jack doing Shazam

A gangster in Black Panther's Africa? In a suit and Derby hat?

FF #91 - Skrull Gangsters 1930s style in 1971

Amazing interior splash even features a flapper style dame... in 1971 outer space!

Virmin Vundabarr!!!!

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