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February 3, 2017

The CCD Podcast: Episode #109 - The BEST Presidents in Pop Culture

Last episode we checked in on all of the WORST Presidents that pop culture had to offer as a way to deal with the election of a certain Reality Star as the leader of the Free World. Needless to say that list was long and plentiful. But once we started that dialog we began to notice that there were plenty of ridiculously GREAT PRESIDENTS sprinkled throughout pop culture history as well. So we felt it was our nerd civic duty to record a second episode and talk about the good guys... you know, the ones who don't run corrupt governments or prove inept when the pressure mounts in our beloved pop culture properties! Join Jedi Rob, the lovely and talented Ms. Alicia Gomes and Mike D as they recall the best of the best Commanders in Chief that pop culture has to offer...

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