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January 17, 2017

The CCD Podcast: Episode #107 - Pop Culture Double Date

     Throughout pop culture history there has been many a famous couple... yup, sometimes the nerd DOES get the girl! That is certainly the case with today's panel of podcasters. Jedi Rob sits down with his better half, the lovely and talented Alicia Gomes... and they welcome pop culture power couple Naomi Piercey and Lenny Platt into the CCD Nerd Cave!

     Naomi and Lenny represent BBQ Films, and we have worked with them on many projects. Who better to bring in and talk about pop cultures greatest couples? The gang go on a pop culture double date throughout history, discussing things like the role that pop culture plays in relationships and how it is to date/marry someone who is even nerdier than their other half!!!!Another great podcast in the can providing some insight into how pop culture permeates into our everyday lives here at CCD!  

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