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April 21, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #94 - Randall Kaplan's Boxhead: An Animated Horror Film

We spend a lot of time here at CCD critiquing and analyzing popular films from Hollywood all the time... especially before they come out. But what about the indy filmmakers and the movies they are making? Why aren't we spending more time looking at them? I know what your thinking... where would we find an indy filmmaker in the process of making his own film to talk with? Funny you should ask....

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Join Jedi Rob in the Nerdcave as he chats with not one but TWO filmmakers about an independent animated horror film that is in production! Longtime CCD collaborator Leland James checks in for another rodeo at the CCD Podcast, and he is joined by Randall Kaplan. Randall is the creative force behind Boxhead, a traditionally animated horror film. You can see what he has done already by heading over to the Boxhead official web page and Facebook. You will also hear him talk about the creative process behind this ambitious process and  what we can expect from the finished product! Listen to a REAL LIVE filmmaker who is currently MAKING A FILM talk with us LIVE! 

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