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March 14, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #92 - The BBQ Films Crew Visit The CCD Nerd Cave!!!

A few month ago some of the CCD.NYC gang had the pleasure of attending the "Blade Blood Rave", and actual real life recreation of the infamous opening scene from the Wesley Snipes movie. It was as if you were transported right through the screen and into the movie... and this came courtesy of the BBQ Films crew!

This gang of pop culture/movie loving maniacs throw these type of awesome interactive events all the time, and they are getting wilder and wilder with each one. The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance from Back to the Future? Yup, they did it. Rex Manning Day from Empire Records? Mon Amour, Mi Amour... they did that too. And there latest is just as ambitious and amazing: They want you to attend and help STOP, Beetlejuice's Wedding to Lydia Deetz! Yup... It is going to be exactly what you think. And you should go (buy tickets here).

We had two of the founding members of the BBQ Films crew, Gabriel Rhoads and Laura Lickus, come down to our turf (the CCD Nerd Cave) and sit down with Jedi Rob and Alicia Gomes to talk all about it... as well as many other topics related to the overall love of pop culture films we all love! Check out another great episode of the CCD Podcast...      

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