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December 19, 2015

On The 6th Day of Christmas, CCD Gave To Me...

.... a Heptathelete!!!! What the hell is a Heptathelete you ask? Well... it is someone who competes in the Heptathlon, which is an Olympic event that has 7 specific events: Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Putt, 200 Meter, Long Jump, Javelin, 800 Meter. Yup, it takes a special kind of woman to be fit enough to compete in all those events! Enter Louise Hazel, England's hottest Olympian... who happens to be on again/off again with Magneto himself, Michael Fassebender! If she is good enough for that guy and his huge penis... good enough for us! Merry X-Mas!!!

Check back for more entries leading up to Christmas Day!

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