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October 14, 2015

CCD Live From 2015 NYCC - JunkFed...

They say you can't pick your family... and that is true. But it is also true about your booth neighbors at NYCC. You book your booth and you really have no choice on who you are going to get stuck with next to you for 4 days. This being CCD's first NYCC show as a vendor had us worried... but boy did we luck out! We got stuck next to (or rather he got stuck next to us) the cool as fuck Todd Rodgers, the creator of the custom/bootleg toy line Junk Fed! This guys products are top notch, but his nostalgia level is on 1000% all the time in all of his work. In between selling cool ass toys, prints and even coloring books (I love this guys) Todd took a minute to chat us up. You can see the video after the jump, and alos check out Todd in our 2015 NYCC Recap Movie by clicking here!


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