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August 27, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #65 - The Sucklord Pt. 2 or "The Sucklord Strikes BACK!!!"

When we got the awesome opportunity to enter the Suckhole and interview the amazing artist known as Sucklord in his natural habitat we were very lucky. But we were also smart about this fortunate setting, and so we parlayed that episode into a SECOND full length episode in which we planned on discussing all things STAR WARS related with the SW Aficionado himself. Past Star Wars films, toy lines, cartoons, comics, the extended universe, and what the franchise may have in store for us in the future were all topics discussed by our crack team of Jedi Rob and Amit Saxena with the one and only Sucklord. The conversation spans over almost 40 years of pop culture goodness, so pay attention and learn something from this one...

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Video version of The Sucklord Interview Part 2 episode:

Audio version:

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