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May 4, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #50!!! -The CCD Film Club Presents Our "Predator" Commentary Track (With Video !!!)

Five long years ago I started Cultural Compulsive Disorder, and I had a vision. I wanted my blog to be HUGE right away. I wanted to be Topless Robot, Cal's Cave of Cool, Freddy In Space or Super Punch... but without all the hard work that the guys that put those sites together had put in. I wanted it THEN... and I WANTED IT QUICK. But that is not how it works. So I busted my ass trying to load up this blog with content. 5-7 posts a day, 25-35 posts a week. Covering NY Comic Con, throwing events, making connects.... reaching out to a bunch of the guys that ran the sites above (whattup Cal & Johnny!) so that I can get some pointers. I tried to surround myself with a kick ass team of co-contributors who all believed in our brand and making it huge. And then I wrote this on Facebook:

Yup... I had a feeling we can achieve big things. Guess I was right! (more after the jump)

Then one day one of my CCD Co-Conspirators Rob Martin told me he had an idea for a podcast. I told him I was down, and met up with another CCD contributor Jeff Bond to record our first show. We went into Rob's basement, and what I saw was AMAZING!!! Rob had set up a mini studio with top notch equipment, and there were retro toys and collectibles EVERYWHERE! We IMMEDIATELY dubbed it the CCD NERD CAVE, and recorded our first two shows. That was a little over a year ago. Now here we are.... 50 FULL EPISODES LATER (with a bunch of mini .5 episodes as well) and the blog is BLOWING UP! Not to mention we have launched The CCD Art & Supply Co., an art collective that sells prints online and throws live art shows all over NYC (click here and buy some art!) . And the blog is still getting over 5,000 hits a day! We are not where we want to be yet... but we sure are getting close! 

So with this special 50TH EPISODE we decided to do something a bit different and we recorded our first ever DVD commentary as "The CCD Film Club" (it was actually a VHS commentary... like an Izod Bucket hat, we so old school!). We chose the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic film "Predator". So check us out below, we have both an audio commentary track for you to sink up with a DVD/Blu Ray/VHS and play alongside... and we also have a video account of the whole experience, capturing Rob, the lovely Alicia Gomes, and I watching and commenting on the film. Rob truly outdid himself with this one! There is even a "picture in picture" to see the film in the corner as you see our mugs on the couch... CRAZY! This is so cool, and we hope to do more in the future. CCD... getting bigger and better with each step we take!

So enjoy this little experiment and let us know what you think.... should we do more? What should we do next? Holla at us! Thanks for making this past 5 years so dope... and here is to another 500 more! You down with CCD? Yeah, you know me!!!!

Your Fearless Leader,

Founder, Cultural Compulsive Disorder  


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  1. Omg. I would so be there watching that movie with you guys if I could. I so miss just watching and commenting on a film.

  2. I just listened to your prologue for this one. I'll turn it back on next time I get a chance to actually watch the film along with the track. Correct me if I'm wrong, It seems as though you guys may NOT have caught the more recent 'Predators' film. That one was great. Closer to the original in tone. My order of faves would be 'Predator'...than 'Predators'.....than Predator 2 in a faaaar distant third. The others don't exist in my world. Check than one out if you haven't already.