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February 17, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #43 - Geniuses In Movies of the Past or "I'm Wicked Smat... How Do Ya Like Dem Apples?"

Genius in movies always seem to do well at the Oscars... and with this years Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game leading the way this is seems to be happening once again. Since we here at The CCD Podcast love to be topical we decided to dedicate a whole episode looking back at the many types of geniuses that have littered the celluloid through the history of cinema. Some of the ones you love will be there, and others you may have forgot... but all of them used their big brains to make a mark on the films they were in. So sit back, fire up the ole microwave and make some pop corn (a genius invention x 2!), and enjoy this episode after the jump!

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