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December 23, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #38 - Our Favorite Christmas Movies or "Christmas Vacation and A Bunch Of Other 2nd Place Movies..."

This time of year always brings back memories to childhood. The pressure of filling out your Christmas list, the anticipation of how much of that list would be fulfilled... it was a magical time. The food, the family... all of that contributes to the holiday spirit. But here at the CCD Podcast we feel that there is one other aspect we must focus on... THE FILMS!!!! Christmas movies are a rare breed. If they are great, they get an immortality that is hard to top. Miracle on 34th St... damn, that movie is like 80 years old! But people still love it. So we decided to put together a little list of our favorite Christmas films... with a certain geek flair and fun that we have come to love. And yes, Christmas Vacation is on the list. But what else? Check it out after the jump and have a listen to see what Jedi Rob, Alicia, and Mike D have to say....

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