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September 14, 2014

Will 'John Wick' Put Keanu Back On The Action Movie Map?

There used to be a clear cut definition of the calender when it came to movie releasing. Studios put out their garbage and postponed movies from the previous year from Feb-May, June to Aug was Summer Blockbuster Season, October was horror movie release month, and Nov through Jan was Award Season release and rewards (the movies that win get rewarded with long post Oscar runs into Feb). It was pretty set in stone, and rarely did studios vary from this formula. So Feb-May and the month of Sept-Oct were dumping grounds for unsure products. But now Summer movie season has been pushed back to the END OF APRIL... and Awards season is following suit by releasing films in the wee weeks of September for your consideration. Studios are even getting huge hits in March & April with movies like 300... so it doesn't really matter anymore WHEN a movie is coming out. So when I heard about Keanu Reeves new hit man movie 'John Wick', a movie releasing on October 24th, for the first time in mid September I got a bit nervous. This must be a crap film, a dump... right? But it took just a 2.5 minute trailer to convince me otherwise. This movie is not going to be a summer blockbuster... nor will it be Oscar bait. So why not squeeze what looks like a cool, competent movie right in the middle of those two seasons? I think this movie can be a great one for Reeves, and even though it might not make mad money it will do a lot for his cred. And what a great supporting cast: Adrianne Palicki, Bridgette Moynahan, Ian McShane, Willem Dafoe, John Leguizamo, and Alfie 'Theon Geryjoy' Allen himself.... wow! Need more proof? Check out the trailer for yourself before you judge...

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