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September 17, 2014

'Spawn: The Recall' - More Proof That Fan Films Can Be Totally Amazing

I love a good fan film, and I hate when people talk shit about them as not real movies. They are a painstaking process, the same as making a regular movie. And they have the added pressure of portraying a character that is beloved, or at the very least well known. There have been many good ones, but so far one of the best that I have seen has to be 'Spawn: The Recall' by Michael Paris. The film is a nice length (7 minutes), and features one of the best portrayals of Spawn I have ever seen. The face looks amazing, especially the eyes. The effects are great, and I think Mr. Paris accomplished in 7 short minutes what no one else has with this particular character. I hope you enjoy it after the jump...


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  1. You are the one who got me into these fan films and this one is more creative than most.