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July 23, 2014

'Thug Notes' - One Hoodlum's Take On Classic Literature Of the Past

Now I am as much of a Hip Hop head as one my age can be, and I was lucky enough to be a teen in the golden era of Hip Hop culture. I wear Jordans, and I still pretty much wear the same style of clothes that I have my whole life (Hoodie sweatshirts and jeans never really go out of style). So when I see an enterprising hood star take to the Internet to use his street styles to show that Hip Hop kids can get down with classic literature... well, I just have to give my props! Sparky Sweets, PhD. ( I swear that is his name, and I love him even more for it!) breaks down some of the classics you have grown up with. Classic Literature, Original Gangster (yup, that is the shows tagline!). Books like Lord of the Flies, Dune, The Count of Monte Cristo, and even To Kill A Mockingbird. My man Sparky breaks down the books with keen insights and intelligent observations, yet does so by busting out slang and hilarious hood analogies. They also feature animated vignettes to help convey the story. This is a great concept, and I would love to get my man Sparky Sweets on the CCD Podcast at some point. We shall see. For now, check out all their videos on the Thug Notes website and their Youtube page. You can also see the Dune and To Kill A Mockingbird one embedded after the jump... happy HOOD reading ya'll !!!!

To Kill A Mockingbird:


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  1. The Dun one is pure genius. He took a really complex book and broke it down perfectly. I live for this shit on the net. I wish I was still teaching so I could use these.