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July 24, 2014

'Manimal': Has There Ever Been A Film More Perfect For An Actor/Director/Production Team?

Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay have had great success throughout their careers together. 'Step Brothers', 'Talledega Nights', 'AnchorMan' 1 & 2... these guys make magic when they work together. But like any successful guys in Hollywood, once they get a few hits under their belts, they have formed their own company (Gary Sanchez Productions) to create their own projects from the ground up. The first project of the Gary Sanchez's company is going to be 'Manimal'. Yes, 'Manimal'! The cheesy 80's TV show in which a guy who was raised 'in the mysterious wilds of Africa' has the powers to transform into animals to fight crime. Yup, I already want to see this movie. But when you add in the partnership they entered into with Sony Pictures Animation it gets even better. Yup, the movie will be a triple threat, sporting sequences of live action, animation and a combo of both ala Roger Rabbit. No exact word on who will be in the film or will be directing it, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the usual suspects turn up. I would love to see Farrell as Dr. Johnathan Chase... but I would equally enjoy Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell or John C Reilly or anyone else affiliated with past Ferrell projects in the role as well. Sony Animation has a pretty packed slate in the upcoming years ('Hotel Transylvania 2', full on animated Smurfs movie, a Popeye and Medusa flick as well) so it may be a few years before this comes out... I am guessing 2017-ish. But take one look at the clip from the show that is embedded after the jump and you will be anticipating it just as much as I am...

Best quote of the press release comes from Adam McKay:

"'Like Catcher in the Rye' or 'The Sound and The Fury', 'Manimal' has always been one of those elusive projects that every producer dreams about taking to the silver screen!"

Check out this intro clip from the original show:

And then there is this, our own Lock in his 1st starring role: (you have to watch the whole clip for the full effect) -


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  1. Cheesy!? I beg your pardon. This show was one of the best things EVER when I was a kid! Granted, it probably doesn't hold up very well but, back in the day I recall 'Manimal' being like the 'MacGyver' of animals....and that's before MacGyver was the MacGyyver of Macgyvers! huh? What was I saying?