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June 5, 2014

Sean Hamilton Unleashes 'The Uncanny', His Latest Artistic Creation...

I have featured the work of my man Sean Hamilton here on CCD a few times before. My man is super talented, and Tommy Lombardozzi and I have met Sean on numerous occasions at Cons... and the truth of the matter is that he is just a genuine, down ass dude. A kindred spirit due to our geeky natures and sneakerhead ways, Sean and I still regularly keep in touch via the Intrawebs. He is always churning out awesome art, but his latest piece really blew me away and I needed to share it ASAP. Titled "The Uncanny", Sean pays tribute to his love for his favorite X-Men of the 80's and 90's with this mash-up piece. But unlike other mash-ups, he literally takes specific characteristics of each X-Man and uses them to create one face. The results are AMAZING... oh wait, that's Spidey's shtick. Anyway, you can click here to see more of Sean's art and order a print by clicking on his Big Cartel page. The Uncanny will be available for sale soon, so make sure you jump on it if you love the X-Men like me. Check out the full image after the jump...

You can also enjoy Sean on The League of Geekz podcast, which is pretty awesome and he is a part of. Videos games, movies, comics... these guys talk it all. Check em out, and tell em CCD sent ya!!! 

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