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June 25, 2014

Guardians of a Galaxy Far, Far Away by The Bloody Samoan

Mash ups make the Internet go round. And one that seems to be getting the most spins right now is the Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Wars variety. We have seen posters, trailer mash ups, and pictures of these two properties mixed up. But this one from a Deviant Artist called The Bloody Samoan has to be one of my faves. He takes the 5 Guardians and pits them with their most obvious Star Wars counterparts. Star Lord & Darth Vader? Gamorra & Leia? CHEWBACCA & DRAX!!! Rocket & Wicket is the most obvious, and also one of the best. But I thought it was real creative to go Groot & R2-D2 considering the non verbalness of both characters and using R2s body as a flower pot. Very cool mash up... this guy has a ton of other cool pieces over on his page (click here to see). Enjoy it after the jump....

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