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May 22, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris Creates A 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Autobiography... I'm Officially Dropping Dead !!!

Neil Patrick Harris has lived a charmed life, and in that life he has had ups and downs. He started out as 'Doogie Howser, MD' on  ahit TV show, a 14 year old wunderkind teen who became a full fledged doctor. The show was a huge success, and elevated young Harris to the pinnacle of stardom. But like most teen stars, when the show ended... well, so did his ascension. He floundered in the mid 90s after the cancellation of Doogie, making appearances in TV movies and small guest roles on TV shows & movies. Nothing really popped for him... until he starred as a perverted version of himself in 'Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle' in 2004. Seeing NPH willing to embrace his campy status and make fun of the idea that he was an aging childhood star made tons of people love the guy. It probably helped him the next year when he went on to audition for a role in a little sitcom called 'How I Met Your Mother'. NPH got the role of Barney Stintson, and 'How I Met Your Mother' went on to a 9 YEAR RUN as one of the most successful comedic shows of all time. He parlayed his successful TV show into a bunch more cameos, indy projects, and hosting awards shows. He also excelled at genre work, specifically kid-centric fare and stuff for the nerds. He got leads in fluff (but money makers) like 'Smurfs' and 'Smurfs 2', did the voice of Dick Grayson (Nightwing) in the Batman animated film 'Under The Red Hood', and plays the lead role in Joss Whedon's internet classic 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog'. Basically, NPH was down and out... but he has risen again. Now comes the announcement that he is ready to put out an autobiography, and in typical NPH fashion he is doing it in a very unique way. He is making the book a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style novel. Any child of the 80s knows what that is.... a book that allows the readers to make decisions, and the story jumps through the pages based on the different things the reader chooses to do. NPH himself says this format works because of all the choices he faced in his career, some of the choices he made or didn't make, and all the ups and downs he had. I think it is a very great idea... and I for one can't wait. The book is due on October 14th, 2014... but you can PREORDER it here right now. Check out the full cover, in all its 'Choose Your Own Adventure' glory after the jump...

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