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January 31, 2014

Comic History 101: Just Who Are Hank Pym & Scott Lang Anyway?


IGN is a great website filled with a ton of cool content. They seemed to have found a way to be helpful to people who are trying to understand the true comic origins of characters that companies like Marvel are using in their movies. After all, its nice to know a little back story on the characters, especially the true original stuff that lies in the dusty pages of comic books past. This episode of Comic History 101 tackles Ant Man... well, Ant MEN. There have been three guys who have donned the Ant Man costume throughout the years (Hank Pym, Scott Lang, and Eric O'Grady) in the comics, but only two (Pym & Lang) will be appearing in Edgar Wright's full length movie adaption. Before we can move forward, take a cool look back at the origins of the great characters that Pym & Lang both are... and they even got scans of the original comics to illustrate the key points. A perfect precursor for a comic virgin (or a great refresher for a vet like myself) before another huge movie hits the theaters. Check out the full video after the jump...

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