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December 23, 2013

On The 10th Day of Christmas, CCD Gave To Me....

Our Girl, Kat-y!!!!!! Katy Perry is a favorite here at CCD, and has been from the very beginning of her career... and that is mainly due to 2 major reasons, if ya catch my drift! All boob jokes aside, I like Katy because she makes fun pop music and seems to enjoy doing just that. She isn't stuffy and serious, and always seems to be having a ball... and she wears some amazing outfits! The girl is sex personified, and when she seems to have the personality to match it is hard to find a fault with her. She also loves to get themed up and dresses in some great holiday outfits... Thanks again Katy! You can see th epics of Katy's 2013 Christmas exploits after the jump, and check back over the next 2 days to see how we wrap up this years 12 Days of Christmas-y Sexy Women countdown!!!

Bonus: Katy's Christmas Video for her new fragrance!!!

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