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November 8, 2013

The Second Robocop Remake Trailer Has Got Me On Board... How About You?

I have been back and forth for the last few months anticipating the coming Robocop remake that will hit theaters this February. It has an unbelievable cast (Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Michael K Williams, and starring The Killings Joel Kinnaman) and the effects look spectacular. Spectacular. Yet I was unsure that the remake was necessary. The Total Recall remake left me with a bad taste in my mouth... not that it was overly bad, but it did NOTHING to add to the mythos of the original film. It wasn't flashy enough to justify a whole new film. It was just blah. But with the second trailer being released for the Robocop remake, we might be seeing something totatlly different. This is what you expect to see in a remake... progress! It has me wanting more, and I never thought I would want more from the Robocop franchise ever again. This trailer gives our characters a bit more depth. Shiesty business man Michael Keaton? Love it. Sam Jackson pontificating in another ridiculous hairpiece? Ok... that is fantastic. Oldman as the creator, Kinnaman as the experiment? Amazing. And the action... wow, I know this is only a trailer but my hopes are raised. Plus they made some improvements, while not completely changing things. The suit is a bit different, but looks similar enough to call back to the original film. As does the ED-209, and the other robots. Plus we get an Omar sighting... yeah Chalky, get them movie checks! Check out the new trailer after the jump...


1 comment:

  1. I wonder if ED-209 will be able to climb steps now. (Yup, that's what I'm worried about!)