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October 2, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure - Breaking Bad Edition by John Defreest

With Breaking Bad coming to a close, I thought it was fully fitting to post these awesome mock book covers by artist John Defreest. The Choose Your Own Adventure book series was an integral part of my life... I spent countless hours reading the over 30 titles that were in the collection. They were also probably the most popular books at my school library. Defreest must have been as big of a fan as I am, so he decided to make up these awesome mock books to evoke the memories of the good ole stories. The covers offer up many details from the turns your adventure may take, a key aspect of the book series. Those covers were enough to give you a pretty good idea of exactly what to expect with every page turn, sometimes the story didn't live up to the actual promise of the excellent covers. Enjoy them after the jump... and thanks for the memories Mr. White.

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