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September 11, 2013

The Order of the X by Nate Hallinan

Buddy of the blog Joe Flesche sent over an email the other day alerting me to a killer series of art from Nate Hillinan featuring a medieval version of the X-Men, and quite frankly they are absolutely spectacular. The funny thing is that this turn of events, Joe emailing me something he found on the Net, is exactly the sort of thing that inspired the start of CCD in the 1st place. We used to all send each other emails of the various cool things we found while surfing the Intrawebs, and I started CCD to collect all of these things in one central spot for the world to see what we shared amongst ourselves. Hallinan's excellent work is exactly the kind of stuff I want others to see. What a great concept, but even better execution... Hallinan is pretty amazing, and he comes correct with each and every piece in the series. Thanks to Joe for keeping the chain going and sharing, and thanks to Nate for killing these pics and giving me something to share. Check out more of his work by clicking here, and check out the description of the project and the full gallery of pieces after the jump...

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  1. This is a concept in need of a series. Like 1902, you could work a great 'Lord of the Game of Thrones' type story out of it. Beautiful stuff.