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September 9, 2013

'A Gotham Fairytale': An Excellent Storyboard Batman Film From Mauricio Abril

I very rarely hate anything that involves the Bat, especially something that is original and someone works extremely hard on for a significant amount of time. 'A Gotham Fairytale' is exactly that kind of ambitious project... and by default I immediately adore it. Illustrator Mauricio Abril always loved Batman and especially Batman: The Animated Series, so he spent the better part of a year constructing a story board masterpiece in dedication to the Bat cartoon he admired so much. The result is a dark and brooding 6 and a half minute opus in which Abril captures the dark essence of Gotham and the noir style of Batman that I always loved.    Enjoy this fun little film after the jump, and make sure you check out much more of Abril's work over at his blog by clicking here...

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