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August 8, 2013

Frank Miller's Un-filmed 'Robocop' Script Gets A Comic Adaption

I love this new trend in comics. When a film is being developed it goes through many phases as a script. Characters develop, story lines change, and whole plot developments can be taken out or added in. Usually the film that ends up on the screen tends to be vastly different from the originally script ideas as it were written. So the big wigs at comic companies across the country have decided to dig out these original screenplays and produce a comic based on the original iterations of the characters... the versions that never actually ended up on a screen. Dark Horse has a Star Wars mini series coming that uses George Lucas's original script (the one with Luke Starkiller) in the works, and now BOOM! comics has an excellent idea to take the original Robocop script and adapt it into a comic. But one thing: THE ORIGINAL ROBOCOP 3 SCRIPT THAT IS BEING ADAPTED WAS WRITTEN BY FRANK MILLER!!!!! Yup, expect dark and gritty Detroit at its lowest in this one... and what a great idea! You got a comic writer god who was young and inexperienced at the time who probably turned in some twisted script to a studio that said "AWWW, HELL NOOOOO!"... and now we get to see it in all its glory on the pages of Robocop: Last Stand. This is doubly good, because we get another Robocop story (a familiar character) that tells a different version of the story and is quite original. It is not a sequel or add on... it is not overkill. It is what might have been, and that is quite intriguing to me. The book hits stands this week and is part of an 8 issue run... so stay tuned for more info in the months to come. You can see some of the panels after the jump....

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  1. I just finished reading a Frank Miller Robocop graphic novel from 2007'ish. I thought that it was terrible. I can't imagine this being any better. I hope I am wrong.