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July 30, 2013

Welcome Back CCD!!!!

Hey gang... whats up? July has been one crazy month in the world of Mike D. That is why things haven't been so popping over here on CCD. I have to be honest, it was a combination of a few different things. First and foremost, I was busy... mostly because I was getting married! Yup, Mrs. CCD has finally allowed me to become an honest man. So between the wedding on July 12th and the 10 day honeymoon adventure that followed, my July was a whirlwind but, leading up to the wedding I have to be honest... I lost the urge to blog. I wasn't interested in making any posts. I also haven't been reading any of my normal sites. I haven't logged into my Feedly account in weeks. And anyone that knows me knows that this is not like me... I was just drained. But after coming back from my honeymoon, I am a newly energized man. Maybe its my lovely wife, or maybe it was the time away... I am not really sure. But the next few months are looking bright for CCD, and boy am I excited. We are going to NY Comic Con this year... yup, big deal right? We have been covering it for years. But this year is gonna be special. We are getting a table to hawk the art of the dearly departed Sean Hartter as well as CCD alum Tommy Lombardozzi. Seanie was a pal, and this was to be our first collaboration together. Unfortunately, we lost him. But now we are forging forward, and we are happy to welcome Sean's son Griffin to NYC in order to bring his Dad's work to the world. It is gonna be huge for us. And this is the year when my man Tommy finally gets his art out there for everyone to see... and I can't wait cause his art is so fantastic. And today I sat down to my laptop and I WANTED to blog for the first time in quite a bit. The urge was back... thank goodness. Yup, the future is so bright for CCD we gonna need some shades... so keep coming back 'cause this year is the year we bring CCD to the world!!!!

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