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June 11, 2013

The North Remembers... And Now You Can Remember Too!!!!

With Season 3 coming to an epic ending this week over on HBO (how can they have made the Red Wedding even more brutal than the books... holy shit!) I am very eager to finally get to Book # 5 in the series, Dance With Dragons. I also feel like George R R Martin is also under pressure to get the long await Book # 6 out... finally. But the thing I love about this series getting so popular has to be some of the cool ass fan art that is invading the interwebs since it has gained so much popularity. Take these really cool House Sigil pictures that were posted over at Unreality. These are all a bit similar (why do they all have dragons in them? That doesn't make much sense.) but they are all really cool looking. I especially like the way the helmets are used. Pretty good stuff. Check em out after the jump... and I'll see you back next season for more pregnant woman stabbing fun!!!!










Anyone know what this one is????

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