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May 9, 2013

Yeah... I Am Pretty Excited About 'Ender's Game'

The first trailer has been released for the 'Ender's Game' movie adaption and I must say that it does look great. I re-read the book a few months back and was sucked in to the story all over again like I was 13... and I was eager to see how they were going to adapt it. The cast is fantastic. Asa Butterfield is perfect for Ender (I loved him in Hugo), Haille Stanfield (killed it in True Grit), Abigail Breslin (always great), and luminaries like Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, and Viola Davis. But I am a bit concerned. They seem to have changed a few things (Mazer Rackman is a Maori tribesman and not a Jew? Why? Adn what is up with that final scene in the trailer? Please tell me that is not what I think it is...). But who knows? Maybe the changes will be for the best. Either way, the trailer is doing justice to the cause. Check it out after the jump...


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