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May 7, 2013

Sketch Lottery Goes Green... Lantern That Is!!!!

The gang over at Sketch Lottery are really making me proud. These guys are repping hard, and they are knocking out various topics that they chose to take on with Babe Ruth like efficiency. They don't really do the basics, they take on lesser known characters like Power Lords and Bufkin from Fables. But honestly, the thing I like the most about this collective has to be the various mediums that they present their weekly topics in. You have everything from 8 bit GIFs to full on paintings... you couldn't run as much of a gamut as these guys do. This week they are going a bit more traditional, albeit still staying abstract. They are taking on Green Lantern. Now I know first instinct is to say that Green Lantern is a mainstream character, but honestly that really is not the case. He is a second tier character in the Justice League, and the bombing of the Ryan Reynolds movie didn't do the character any favors to boost his popularity. So far we only have three entries for this character, but I am sure there will be many more before the entry closes on 5/12. Check out all the gang has to offer over at Sketch Lottery by clicking here, and check out the first three GL's after the jump...

Thomas Napolitano

James Wilkes

Mike Monge

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