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April 22, 2013

Willow Creek: The Newest Film From Bobcat Goldthwait Is A Found Footage Bigfoot Movie With A Poster From Alex Pardee... Wait, What????

Bobcat Goldthwait has been quite a surprise as a director. He started out as the growling con turned cop in the Police Academy series and has parlayed that into a great stand up comedy career and now a feature film directing career. I really loved God Bless America, and have been eagerly anticipating his next movie. Enter Willow Creek, which happens to be a found footage movie about encounters with Bigfoot. Yup, that sounds pretty weird and awesome... and the twist seems to be the comedy between the different people who all claim to have seen Bigfoot but contradict each other with their stories. But now the film has an awesome poster created by one of my all time favorite artists Alex Pardee... yup, this project just got a whole lot better! The film is making the festival rounds right now, and will probably come out sometime in the Fall. Can't wait to catch this one. Check out the poster after the jump...


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