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April 12, 2013

Walls 360 Is A Bad Ass Stick 'Em Poster Company... And They Now Feature The Art Of Sean Hartter!!!

I am always on the lookout for new companies that are doing exciting things, but sometimes they come to me in very familiar ways. Walls 360 is a poster company that specializes in creating posters that stick directly to your wall and can be removed and re-stuck somewhere else. Kind of like what Fathead has been doing with sports figures (I love that commercial with Clay Matthews Jr chasing the Bears fan around after coming off the wall!). This is great, especially for kids, because they are not as fragile as regular prints and can be actually handled with the possibility of damage. They also do not need to be framed and can be posted pretty much on any surface. There are tons of designs available, things from classic architecture to video games. They also feature the work of certain artists, and one of those lucky guys just happens to be my main man Sean Hartter. Hartter has about 15 pieces up on the site, and his very unique artistic styling lend themselves well to this medium of prints. The coolest part about the site is that you can order the prints in a plethora of sizes, from as small as 9 x 12 for $15.00 to as giant as 46 x 60 for $125.00. And many other sizes in between as well ( for various prices). That mean you can find a piece you like and get a size that totally fits your budget. You can click here to see all that Walls 360 has to offer, or click here to see Sean's specific page over there. You can see some of Sean's pieces for Walls 360 after the jump...

Check out this very cool Vine Gif for Hartter's work on Walls 360:


  1. Love me some Rom-Spaceknight.

  2. Massive wall posters have become among probably the most well-liked kinds of decorating an area nowadays. In contrast to to your prior where folks preferred to use paintings or paper prints for wall decoration purposes