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April 13, 2013

The A To Z Blogger Challenge 2013: Day 12 - L is For Love Actually

Yeah buddy, Day 12. Letter L. We are moving right along, and it feels great! Day 12 brings us to the Letter L, and I couldn't think to feature any other movie besides Love Actually. Love Actually is a fantastic movie wrapped up in the neat little bow of a holiday chick flick, but it is much more than that. The film features one of the best ensemble casts ever assembled (Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, Chewitel Ejiofor, Kiera Knightly and the great Andrew Lincoln pre-Walking Dead fame... just to name a few), and they work extremely well together in the film itself. But to me one of the hottest females I have ever seen on film appears in the movie at a few key points of the Thompson/Rickman story line as the work mistress. German actress Heike Makatsch plays Mia, the steamy young secretary looking to woo the boss away from his doting homemmaker wife. She is sexy and playful, and even though her character isn't in the scene she is responsible for one of the funniest scenes in the whole film: Rickam and Mr. Bean at the jewelry counter!!! All in all, Heike is stunning in the few scenes she is actually in, and part of the great cast that makes this movie so wonderful. Martine McCutcheon is also really cute in this film... so you get two unknown hotties in this one. if you want to see some of the other bloggers that are participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge this year you can click here, and check out the pics of Heike after the jump...



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    1. Wow... you really don't like Love Actually, huh????