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April 3, 2013

'Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters' - Now This Is A Sequel I Can Get Behind!

I remember when I was a kid I used to devour Greek Mythology in any format I could get it. I loved reading the stories, watching any TV Shows or movies based on the stories, and did so many many times over and over again. But as I got older I was surprised at how ignored the genre was by pop culture. It is so ripe for re-invention and adaption, yet I feel it is often ignored a s a whole. Instead of tapping into some of these untouched stories, Hollywood chooses to rehash certain plots over and over again. Was there really a need for a Clash of the Titans remake? Nope... it wasn't even really the same movie! So when Rick Riordan released his Percy Jackson book series, I was really happy to see a modern update on the old Greek myths I knew and loved. I also thought the first movie in the series, The Lightning Thief, was pretty great... even if the theater going crowd didn't feel that way. So I was especially happy to see it getting a sequel, and boy does it look like they went big with Sea of Monsters! Check out the trailer after the jump, and lets hope this one does a bit better at the box office so we can get a third movie and more fresh perspectives on a very underused genre....

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