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April 23, 2013

Master Ladies Of The Universe by Shana Bilbrey

I post a ton of fan art up here on the blog, but I really like when people put simple twists on old classics to come up with cool properties. Masters of the Universe is a property that always comes up, but very rarely do we see the women of the show being highlighted. The Sorcerer, Evil Lynn, and Teela are all integral parts to He-Mans mythos, yet when the fan art comes out they are often left out in the cold. We see tons of Skeletors, a bunch of Beast Men, some dope Ram Mans... goodness gracious, what about the ladies!!!! Well artist Shana Bilbrey has decided to give two of the chicks from the show a shot, and her cartoony style does them justice. Evil Lynn & Teela, check em out after the jump....

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