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April 26, 2013

Bullies Revisited: What Do They Look Like Now....

I came across this awesome article over at the FW that takes a look back at some of the greatest movie bullies of all time... and then shows how they look currently in real life. It is really crazy to get a glimpse at some of the meanest people to ever shine on the silver screen. My favorites have to be Chet, Ogre, Mike Connelly, and Johnny 'Get Him A Body Bag' Lawrence. You can see the comparison pics after the jump, but click here to go check out the actual article that features a 'what are they up to now' about each actor....

Johnny/William Zabka from The Karate Kid

Ogre/Donald Gibb from Revenge of the Nerds

Buzz/Devin Ratay from Home Alone

Mike Dexter/Peter Facinelli from Can't Hardly Wait

Chet/Bill Paxton from Weird Science

Fred O''Bannonn/Ben Affleck from Dazed and Confused

Shooter McGavin/ Christopher Macdonald from Happy Gilmore

Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton from Harry Potter

Biff Tannen/Thomas F Wilson from Back To the Future

Regina George/Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls 

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