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April 8, 2013

A To Z Blogger Challenge: Day 7 - G Is For Gone Baby Gone

Day 7 of the challenge (pretty much 1/4 of the way through!) and I am taking a bit of a more serious turn with my movie choice today by picking Gone Baby Gone for the Letter G. Gone Baby Gone is a great film... and the first one directed by Ben Affleck. Big Ben got it all started with GBG, and now he is a big shot director making Academy Award winning movies. But at the end of the day you can only have one first. Affleck tapped younger brother Casey to star in the film, and also picked the lovely Michelle Monaghan to star as his wife and partner in his private investigation firm. They are on the case of a kidnapped kindergartner, and they can do things the cops can't do. Good thing, because the cops may be involved much more than is expected. This noir thriller is fast paced and exciting, and you have to see it if you haven't already. But the highlight of the movie has to be Monaghan, who plays Casey's tough as nails wife and never leaves his side. I think she is gorgeous and have liked her in most of the roles she has played (most notably Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang... one of my favorite films ever), but Gone Baby Gone is the one you need to see to get a better idea of just how great MM can be when she is at her best. You can see the other people participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge by clicking here, and check out Michelle Monaghan's pics after the jump...

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