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March 27, 2013

'The Wolverine' Trailer: Samurai Swordplay & Action Galore!!!!

I have been waiting to see how The Wolverine would shake out mostly because I feel like Hugh Jackman deserves better. The guy became famous from playing Wolverine, but most actors who achieve the success that Jackman has would have usually moved on by now. They would have left the claws to someone else to fill. But Jackman loves playing Wolverine, and more importantly he wants to get it right. Wolverine: Origins had lots of problems: Too many characters, not enough action, and a terrible storyline. The Wolverine is Jackman's chance to get it right. If this one goes well, we might get to see more of Hugh in the role of Weapon X in the future. If it doesn't, this will probably be his last hurrah. I am hoping for the former, not the later. The trailer is her, and it looks awesome. Catch the trailer after the jump. Lets hope the movie holds up....

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  1. This will be glorious. Darren Aronofsky was with this project for a long time and I hope some of what he saw rubbed off on Hugh. I have high hopes for this one too.