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March 6, 2013

The Wolfpack Is Back!!!

The Hangover is one of the funniest movies all time, hands down. What made it even more spectacular was the fact that it was  a surprise hit, and the word of mouth from people seeing it propelled people to the theater. The over 500 million bucks it made basically guaranteed a sequel. Upon first viewing, the sequel is a pale replica and wack version of the first movie. But upon further re-watches, the film is very funny in its own right, even if the story lines in both films are very similar. Now Todd Phillips has brought the Wolfpack back together for one last hurrah, and the Hangover 3 is promising to be the best one yet. No weddings, no bachelor parties... just pure hi jinks & hilarity from the guys we love to love. The movie lands in theaters this Memorial Day (May 24th), and here is the first official teaser poster featuring my two favorite characters: Alan & Mr. Chow!!!!! Check out the poster after the jump and let me know if you are into this third installment in the comment section below...


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