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March 12, 2013

Proof That There Is A God: Christina Milian pt II

Christina Milian... god damn!!! This girl has been around for almost a decade, has still never elevated herself to 'star' status, yet is always in the mix of something. And she is getting much better with age... if that is even possible. Dip It Low is one of the sexiest music videos ever shot, but now that she is getting up there into her early 30s she is looking even better. She also has a pretty great voice, so i don't get why she can't quite crack the celebrity nut. But here is more photographic evidence on how hot she is. We already had her as Proof That There Is A God back in September 2010, but here comes round 2. Fight!!!!!

And as a bonus, here is her new video for Us Against the World. She looks great!!!! 

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