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March 5, 2013

Iron Man 3: Newest Trailer

It is hard to believe that Iron Man 3 is just a mere two months away from hitting movie theaters  I equate the whole Marvel Movie Universe Experience with my sons life, as his birth in 2002 and 2008s Iron Man was one of the first films he was EXTREMELY excited to go see in the theater. By the ripe old age of 6 I had him fully ingrained and hooked on Marvel Comics, and I knew after Iron Man that we as comic book fans were about to enter the golden age of comic book films. Judging how Thor, Captain America, Iron Man II and the Avengers turned, out, I was very much correct in my assumption. Now we are closing in on the beginning of Phase II of the Marvel movie Universe, and I can't wait to see what comes next. Judging by the 2:30 minutes of footage showed in this last cut of the trailer, I should say we are in for quite the treat. The Mandarin, Iron Patriot, Hulkbuster Armor, the destruction of Tony's house, tons of action, and lots of hidden gems (why does the Mandarin have a tattoo of Captain America's shield on his neck?). Just two short months until we find out. Check out the trailer after the jump...

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