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March 14, 2013

Cryptkeeper 9 Productions Provides You With The Best Replica Jason Masks On The Market... So get One Now!!!

Being the huge horror fan that I am, I am always impressed by the companies that are out there making replica props for some of the films I grew up on and love. My boy Johnny over at Freddy In Space does a great job highlighting these products over at his excellent horror blog, but this week he spotlighted a company that is just doing masterful work. Cryptkeeper 9 Productions makes replica Jason hockey masks, but instead of just making masks from the various films in the epic series (for those of you casual fans out there who may have never noticed, Jason's masks in the various films of the series has changed constantly!), they are going even further in their customization creations. With their mask that honors Jason Takes Manhattan, they have created a masterpiece that replicates the mask of the original film poster. This is not a mask worn in the film, rather a mask that replicates the neon lights shining on it from the city that never sleeps... basically how Jason would have looked stalking his victims around my hometown in the wee hours of the night under the bright lights!!!! How beautiful is that? They also have some of the classics, like the battle torn mask from Freddy vs Jason, the frozen mask from Jason X, and many, many more. This is not something I would necessarily spend my money on (justifying a $120 replica hockey mask to my fiance might be a bit tricky), but for some of you true fans out there who love Mr. Vorhees this is the way to go. Head over to their website, and order one now. Thanks to Johnny for flooding me with some great Crystal Lake memories, albeit through the mask of the scariest mofo on the planet. Check some of the coolest masks out after the jump...

The Manhattan Project

Mended Man


Frozen Man

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