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January 25, 2013

Velvet Legends of Wrestling: An Art Exhibit @ LTD Galleries

LTD Galleries is killing the pop culture art scene with some great shows over the past year. Star Wars, Disney Underground, and Tron have all been subjects of shows this year at the Seattle gallery. But now the legends of wrestling are coming to the walls of the gallery, and they are coming in VELVET FORM!!! Yeah buddy, there are going to be 30+ pieces of 70s style velvet art portraying some of the guys we grew up watching complete suplexes, power slams, and headlocks for our whole lives. They have leaked a few pieces as a preview, and we have them for you after the jump. The show begins Feb. 1st and runs to Feb. 24th, so if you are in the Emerald City make sure you make your way over to LTD Galleries. Tell em CCD sent ya!!!

Luchadors  by Misael Armendariz

Andre the Giant by Karin Madan

Jessie the Body Ventura by Steven Grice

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